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Living a life of recovery and sobriety can sometimes be a daily, moment-by-moment battle. Below are some posts and articles to help you realize a successful journey of recovery.

The 10 Most Inspirational Jamie Lee Curtis Quotes on Recovery

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the most inspirational and beloved faces among our recovery community. When other celebrities guild headlines with stories of relapse and rehab, Jamie Lee Curtis’ bold advocacy and successful career is a testament to the power of recovery. Recovery Insight Jamie has spoken and written about addiction and recovery on … Read More

Sharing Your Recovery Story the Anonymous Way

This year, Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) celebrates its 78th anniversary. Boasting 3.5 million members participating in some 180,000 groups around the globe, A.A. and its 12 Step program has grown into an organization with tremendous impact. Even in its earliest days A.A. had the same two basic rules: Desire to stop drinking Keep yours and other … Read More

Stephen King’s Story: Why Recovery is Worth Your Career

“Only a lunatic—a masochistic lunatic—would make booze a regular part of his life.” –Stephen King One of the most common reasons for refusing treatment is work responsibilities. For many, going to treatment is a sacrifice that is too great, too humiliating or too scary. But for Stephen King, sobriety was more important than everything else, even … Read More

Celebrate Recovery Month with Us

As you may have heard, September is Recovery Month. And if there’s one thing we’re excited about celebrating for a whole month, it’s recovery. Why We Celebrate Why? Well because, without recovery, life is pretty bleak. Without recovery, we are still reeling in addiction. Without recovery, we don’t know the joys of sobriety. Without recovery, just continuing … Read More