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Living a life of recovery and sobriety can sometimes be a daily, moment-by-moment battle. Below are some posts and articles to help you realize a successful journey of recovery.

Pathways to Wellness: Recovery through A.A.

Happy Recovery Month! Every year in September people across the nation participate in National Recovery Month. Last year 1,405 events reached about 1.5 million people. This month will mark the 24th year of spreading the positive message: prevention works, treatment is effective and people recover. Together on Pathways to Wellness This year’s theme is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together … Read More

How long does it take to break the habit of an addiction?

While addiction in itself is not a habit, there is a strong correlation between the cycle of addiction and the subconscious pattern of a habit. After all, addiction is kind of like a habit on steroids—a regular practice or manner of behavior that is really, really hard to give up. How long does it take … Read More

How to Love an Addict: Five Steps Toward Genuine Love

“I can’t stand back and watch them throw their life away, but I can’t make them change. I want to love them, but I don’t even know how right now. Is there anything I can do?” Loving the unloveable It’s not that your loved one is a completely unlovable person. But let’s face it, they are doing things that … Read More

Top 8 Drinks for Summer

Summer is well under way. Whether it’s a quick trip to the beach or that big weekend party, you and your guests are going to need some refreshment. Of course you want to avoid having alcohol, but staying sober doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some drinks to spice up your cooler this summer.

The Anonymous People: A New Documentary about Recovery

For the last few days, The Anonymous People has been opening in select cities around America. This new documentary wants to focus on the nearly 23.5 million people currently living in recovery. The filmmaker’s goals are to change the discussion of addiction from one about problems to one about solutions, asking a bold question: “Why don’t we … Read More

Top 10 Bizarre Drugs

Throughout history, people have turned to all kinds of bizarre sources to discover the ultimate high. From salamander brandy to cobra venom, the following list of hair-raising, gag-stimulating drugs demonstrate the intensity of drug abuse and the power of addiction throughout the world. 10. Hand Sanitizer One of the most recent among a lengthy list … Read More

Why is Recovery THE Answer?

Despite my experience with recovery and the 12 Steps, when difficulties arise, I still occasionally catch myself falling into old thought patterns. Some of those thoughts are a gut-level emotional response to the situation. Some are my attempt to find a quick solution to a problem. Neither is particularly productive nor useful. Fortunately, my experience with … Read More